Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's Resolutions

The more the merrier
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Last year I made two New Year's resolutions -- see more live music, and go to the beach more often -- and I kept both of them. Hooray! So here we go for this year:

  1. Floss every day.
  2. Upload one picture a week to Flickr.

Now, that second resolution may seem like nothing to those of you who are doing Project 365. But I have a two-month-old, and I'm going back to work in February, so I need to be realistic about my time. On the plus side, I have this crazy idea that having a kid will make me a better photographer, because I have to get the picture right the first time. I can't count on having a chance to go back with a different lens or at a different time a day -- it's now or never. So hopefully that will force me to be more careful about setting up the shot in the first place.

Besides, this is what happened en route to uploading a picture today:

  1. Edit a few family pictures, while I'm at it.
  2. Wonder why DPP doesn't seem to save my changes when I convert to JPG.
  3. Swear a lot at the computer.
  4. Feed the baby.
  5. Eli, tired of my complaining, looks into the issue.
  6. Eli figures out that it doesn't save the white balance if I use Color Temperature to adjust it, but everything else works.
  7. I edit and upload pictures to my liking using other settings.
  8. Feed the baby.
  9. I look for an update to DPP.
  10. I download and install the update to DPP.
  11. Since the DPP update requires rebooting my computer, I figure I may as well run software update.

All that just to get this picture online. But I quite like it, and hopefully there'll be many more to come.

Happy New Year!


Phil said...

I am all in favour of collaborative resolve! Can I suggest you decorate your bathroom to help remind you to keep up resolution no. 1? Happy New Year, Becky!

Becky said...

There's definitely more pressure to keep up the resolution when you tell people what it is!

But no, I'm not decorating the bathroom. We're lucky if we clean the bathroom.

Happy New Year to you!

Kold_Kadavr_flatliner said...
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