Thursday, March 5, 2009

Sad Days in California

Everything about the arguments about Prop 8 in front of the California Supreme Court is making me grouchy today. Let me enumerate:

  1. It's a reminder that 52% of voters decided to take away the right to gay marriage, after 5 months of couples getting married and society not collapsing.
  2. It seems so freaking obvious that Proposition 8 is a revision to the state constitution, and not an amendment.
  3. So just maybe this court case should have happened before the damn election, but the No on 8 people were useless, and I don't know where Equality California was before the election.
  4. Some of the signs carried by the Yes on 8 people are depressing. How cold-hearted do you have to be to draw a red circle and slash through a picture of two people kissing, because both people happen to be men?

At this point we just have to wait. At least it looks like the 18,000 marriages from that 5-month window won't be invalidated.