Monday, February 2, 2009

Thank God I was wrong!

Back in June, after the Lakers lost in the NBA finals, I said:
I can tell you right now that the Dodgers will make it to the World Series and lose in six games, Michigan football will finally beat Ohio State only to suffer (another) embarrassing loss to USC in the Rose Bowl, and the Steelers will lose in the Super Bowl after some sort of epic third-quarter collapse.

OH MY GOD I was way too close to getting that right with the Steelers. But! They pulled out the win after a nearly-epic fourth-quarter collapse. GO STEELERS!

James Harrison joins me in needing oxygen.

(Hey, don't you all love how optimistic I was about Michigan's season? That's so adorable.)


sarah said...

I'm glad you didn't forecast any hockey results.

Becky said...

2009 is a new year! Michigan hockey will do just fine.