Friday, September 19, 2008

Waiting (for 11/4/08) is the hardest part

Yesterday morning, we saw Joe Biden in Canton, which was entertaining (despite starting 1 1/2 hours late). There were two opening speakers: Governor Ted Strickland, which was a pleasant surprise, and then . . . John Boccieri. Who? Well, he's running for Congress in a district where the 30-year incumbent Republican is retiring, and he has a pretty good chance of winning.

Plus, he released this awesome video some time ago:

I wish I could vote for him!

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Kyle said...


He does have a good chance of winning. A great candidate with who has a plan to revitalize the economy of that part of Ohio, which has been hit hard by job loss. Plus, he's active in the Air Force Reserves. I've got to several of his events and he's a great guy. I wish I could vote for him too.