Sunday, August 24, 2008

Arugula for all!

While the Obama campaign has had lots of fun mocking McCain for not knowing how many houses he had, the McCain campaign came back with . . . an arugula reference. Because a year ago, Obama had the nerve to mention the price of arugula.

I find it unbelievably frustrating that worrying about the price of vegetables makes one elitist. I don't know why someone would take pride in not being able to spell it. It's healthy! It's tasty! And it is a goddamn crime in this country that organic arugula is $4 for 5 ounces (or $7/lb for non-organic), while mac and cheese is $1.58 a box. Vegetables should not be luxuries, and I wish someone would actually say that for once.


Eli said...

But Mac & Cheese was on sale for $1/box! So it was even cheaper than you say.

Kayhan Gultekin said...

But shouldn't a food item that is, as you mention, more delicious and more nutritious (not to mention scarcer in part due to its shorter lifespan), be more expensive than the inferior Mac & Cheese?

Becky said...

Sure, in a free market system where the food industries are all trying to increase their profits every year. I happen to think that's a fucked-up system for basic necessities. It doesn't help that the subsidies go mostly to corn and soy -- which mostly go into processed food -- and not to vegetables.