Thursday, June 5, 2008

Spicy Corn

As the summer grilling season begins (but in Santa Barbara it never ends!) corn on the cob starts to appear at the market. And there's nothing we love more than Indian-style spicy grilled corn. I learned this recipe and technique from my neighbors on Tappan St. in Ann Arbor, some time in the last millennium. And after Madhan and Pravina showed me how to make this recipe, it's been my favorite way to eat corn on the cob.

Corn on the cob, husked (see below)
Coriander chutney (from a jar, available at Indian grocers)
Fresh lime
cayenne pepper, to taste

Fire up the grill. Husk the corn, and save a few inner husk leaves (whatever they're called), which we will make into a basting brush. Cut the very thick, white end off the leaves, and then make 1-inch slices into the ends of the leaves to make a brush-like head. Peel off another 1/2 inch wide strand of husk, and use this to tie the base of the brush together. Or, if you're feeling lazy, you can just use a regular brush, but the husk-brush is disposable and biodegradable!

Squeeze the juice of 1 lime (enough for 3-4 ears of corn; this recipe scales well) into a small bowl. Put a tablespoon or more of coriander chutney, a healthy pinch of salt, and ~1/8 teaspoon cayenne (to taste) in with the lime juice. Stir. If it's too thick it can be loosened with more lime juice, water, or whatever beer-like beverage you happen to be drinking.

Put the corn on the hot grill, and baste the top of the corn with the mixture. After a few minutes the bottom of the corn will begin to blacken, rotate the corn, and baste the top again. Repeat until the corn has been roasted and basted all the way around.



Sarah said...

Now the whole world knows your spicy corn secrets!

Becky said...

We're spreading the love! Since it's unfortunately not possible to personally grill for everyone we know.

Eli said...

The whole world? Google hasn't found it yet, so the secret is safe for a little while...

Sarah said...

Where did you procure coriander chutney in Ann Arbor? I'm too lazy to do the legwork tracking down an Indian grocer....

Eli said...

The two Indian grocery stores in Ann Arbor are:
Bombay Grocer, at Platt & Packard
Foods of India, at Broadway & Plymouth

Sarah said...

Thank you kindly. You saved Google another frustrated and misdirected search :)