Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Easy Check In! Just Click Right Here, Please

We're leaving for Pittsburgh tomorrow (family wedding! woo! seriously!), and I wasn't paying attention as I was checking in. You know how it is, you have to go page by page re-confirming your seat, etc.

Well, United knows how it is, too. And they're hoping you'll mindlessly click on the arrow, hoping to go to the next page, but instead paying $29 for the privilege of not sitting with your knees under your chin.

(I didn't click it.)

(But only because Eli caught me before I did.)


Eli said...

Don't forget that the previous screen had an innocuous yellow arrow in the same place that actually DID mean "continue with my check-in" and did NOT mean "Please! I want to pay more!"

Becky said...

I did forget that! Because I was totally not paying attention when I was checking in. That's why it almost worked!

Sarah said...

Deception! Argh! I'm officially on high alert when checking in.