Sunday, May 25, 2008

Solving the world's problems with satire!

I never thought I'd be excited about an Adam Sandler movie, but I have been looking forward to You Don't Mess with the Zohan. And now, after reading this article about the conception and evolution of the movie, I'm totally sold.

Perhaps we're reading too much into it, but we were both charmed by this:
“Adam Sandler, in the Arab and Muslim communities, is not having a good reputation,” said Sayed Badreya, an Egyptian-born actor who plays one of Zohan’s adversaries in New York. “When it came to working with Adam, I was like, ‘Eh, well, I don’t know.’ My prejudice was bigger than me.” Mr. Badreya said he had been persuaded to reconsider, in part, by his teenage daughter, a huge fan of Mr. Sandler’s films.

Hooray for teenaged fans of Adam Sandler -- breaking barriers and making the world a better place!

Meanwhile, we suspect that the success of West Bank Story also helped in making the Zohan possible. You can buy it on iTunes, and it is definitely worth the $2 and twenty minutes of your time.

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